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Yes! This is it !

 It’s been a year since I wrote a blog. Just as seasons change there is so much change that occur in our lives. We change places, jobs and so on. People who were with us yesterday are no more today. In this past year we changed place from Kerala to Karnataka. And we lost so many people this year. And one such person is MJ. It was totally an unacceptable news. And now after four months here we are…                                                                michael-jackson-this-is-it-movie-poster                                                                                                                                                                                    MJ’s movie is in theaters…my better half said, adding he wish to see that but then asking himself, will he be able to watch it? He is an admirer of MJ, a fan who grew up listening to the tunes of the magician musician… (I say so, because of the command he had on his compositions and the ease with which he used to perform….)

  Then, we went to the PVR cinema, yet not so sure of watching it, but after all we listened to our hearts and we got the only 2 tickets available!!

MJ’s unfortunate and sudden demise is something which will never sink in… And this movie made it sure…. he is and will be alive forever. His love for music, love towards the fellow human beings and love for nature is to stay forever…

  In this world whoever is born has to go back one day, how great a person is, death spares none… That is why we are all mortals. But I say people like MJ are immortals…  He will be heard over and again through his music… Oh god, with how much passion he desperately wanted to reach out to his fans one last time… but it never happened… strange are the lives of man!

  At the end of the movie my eyes were moist… that’s all I could feel… all else was frozen.

Movie shows clippings about the passion and enthusiasm with which he prepared himself and his team for his comeback. What we feel is only the humble man who just knew to love, and love and love… that’s all. And yes he is very much alive, whoever loves his music can only say these words “I just can’t stop loving you…” That’s what he used to say and wanted to say to everyone.

  In the end one thing that comes to my mind is – As the sun shines and immerses everything with his glory, so did MJ immerse everyone with his love and music. This is it!

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  Spending my life in the heart of western ghats , has left lots of good memories of the heavy rains, thick jungle, lightning… and I still remember one of those rainy season of my childhood when I was delighted and surprised to see the sun trying to peep outside the dark clouds! It used to be dark all the time for 2-3 months, sun had to go in exile !! That’s how I visualised the rain and monsoon..

Now, after 15yrs and a change of place to Kerala, when I look into the amazement of rain and the sounds it carries with it.. I feel as if getting to a new height of the delight, felt long back. This year it was an eager wait for the rain, to cherish those memories…

End of  May came, but there was no sign of it !

Most of the summer it had rained but now in the monsoon time, there is no rain. The heat was building up and yes at times there was down pour for few days. But again the sky was blue and sun was shining and the moon was clear at night, which is a rare sight at this point of time.

Can say it as an irony that Kerala, the entry point of the south west monsoon (as termed by a report in The Hindu ) hasn’t got the rain yet. Each day grew more sunny and more hot..and expectations grew sore… And the month came when people here start taking medicated porridge and oil treatments to get better immunity & health, against the undesired effects the rain bring with it to the nature & human health. Yet rain didn’t appear. Lots of despair… and then yesterday finally it rained!! Making everyone delighted!! It rained from noon till night , continuously as if to say that, yes I too was waiting to reach you people.. shedding the tears of joy… !!

And now, as I write this, the sun has shown up again to say I’m still there. I keep my fingers crossed that it will rain by afternoon again.. after all in a rainy season finally it has to rain.

So when it rained yesterday, I didn’t waste time and captured the long awaited rain as it pour down cooling one and all..

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