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       Whenever I want to eat something delicious.. the first thing that comes to my mind is Biriyani. And the chicken biriyani my favourite. The aroma of the spices used in it always reminds me of the feasts, marriages and nostalgia related to it.

But how much ever I craved for it, was not lucky enough to have it.

     So now, as I have grown old enough and uncompromisingly have to cook for my family, thought of finding a good recipe, which will be simple. I searched in my fav foodie blog , and there it is!! As my mood was good, I tried. What happened?  It turned out to be a wonderful delight!! And I swell up with pride when the praises were showered on me… But I definitely thanked the one who is responsible for this, the foodie blog angel. 

Here is the biriyani,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      which is the recipe from Seena of Simple and Delicious! . This recipe is from Kerala, God’s own country and land of many delicacies!!

          This is my dream fulfilled !! Never thought of preparing biriyani myself ! as the list of spices seemed to be too long for me, but when i started to do it, i knew how simple and easy it is!

          One reason which had kept me out trying any recipe of the biriyani is the fact of using curd/ yogurt in its making. Even though lot of people use it in cooking, according to Ayurveda, the curd should never be heated or mixed with anything hot. I am yet to find a substitute or solution to avoid it. As and when I get that it will be updated. And I look forward to present the reason, behind avoiding heating of curd, in Ayurveda .

Until then, enjoy the biriyani and be happy!!

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