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Happy for my first post!.. yes happiness is the first priority for everyone in whatever they do.
Even if i think or not, i will never do anything unless i get some kind of good feeling from it.
And i guess that itself is happiness.
The most important thing one gets as a bonus from this feeling is good health! Yes health is nothing but the body and mind in the state of perfect happiness. Who doesn’t want to be healthy?
When people prioritise things, they forget this basic feeling and get involved in all sorts of activities and feelings , at the end of the day, all stressed out!!
I am no exception for this. So i thought of new ways to help myself, found the good ways to be happy. And as a result you read this post.
Being creative counts, may be in photography or cooking or gardening, and the secret for the happiness is never to expect anything from others but to feel the happiness you get from what you do!!
So when you prioritise things,dont forget to keep yourself happy!

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